8 Nutrition and Fitness Apps for the Couch Potatoes

Photo Courtesy Marin/Freedigitalphotos.net

Photo Courtesy Marin/Freedigitalphotos.net

After a long time of those good intentions of losing weight for New Year’s, you might still notice that nothing is happening to all your efforts. But don’t you worry because BostInno has found an application specifically for iPhone that will make your weight reduction program simpler and easier. This iPhone app is divided into two categories: nutrition and working out. This app will help and motivate you in staying healthy and fit.

Apps for Working Out


This is a virtual treadmill that has the same tracking function as a real treadmill does. It includes tracking while in use, the distance, the pace that you are currently on, pace on average, the current speed, speed on average, calories burnt, steps per minute tracker, the number of steps and the time that is elapsed. This can also track the history of your run. You can use this app also for motivation purpose and also to set your own goals. This app costs $1.99.


This is a free application that has a personal trainer right in the palm of your hands. This has an audio coach that will remind you if it’s time to walk and if it’s time to run. You have the option to set it to 5k run in just eight weeks giving you 30 minutes in a day and three days in a week. This app will help you increase and boost your running capacity. You also have the option to listen to pump up songs while running then switch to chill, slower music while walking.


This is a free application that has all-in-one exercise app that is suitable for running, biking and other cardio exercise. It is a personal tracking app and the best thing about this app is that it will give you live cheering to keep you motivated during workouts.

Pocket Yoga

This app can enable you to do your yoga anywhere and anytime you want. It has a total of 27 different yoga sessions; three various practices, three levels of difficulty and three various time lengths. It also provides detailed steps and instructions to guide you in breathing methods and pose. This app costs $2.99.


In order for you to use this app, you would need to purchase a device called “The One” priced at $100. This little device can help monitor your sleep and will give you tips so you can sleep better. It tracks the calories burnt, the steps that you have walked, the distance, and even the stairs that you’ve climbed.

Nutrition Apps


This application is free and it can track the calories of what you eat everyday while also tracking exercise and will allow you to set your goals for weight loss. You also have the option to create your own diet and exercise if you cannot find it on the database which has 2 million food and 350 exercises.


This is a free application that also tracks the food that you intake and how much exercise you have done for the day. It also offers a database of food and activities for exercise. It has a badge system wherein you can earn one if you’ve reached your goal then share it on Facebook or Twitter.


This application has a free lite version and you can upgrade to a full version at a cost of $2.99. It has the ability to help you in eating a well-balanced diet and nutritious food. You just need to put in your age, gender and level of activity so that you can create your own goals for weight loss.

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