Get A Dollar For A Pound: How Money Motivates People to Lose Weight

Exercise, diet and over all weight loss is not an easy or fun experience, despite what a lot of people say and make of it. People are trying to find ways to make it a fun experience but a big percentage still isn’t convinced.




It is no secret that things are much easier to do when money is involved in the process and recent studies suggest that even the boring and not to mention, painful process of weight loss gets easier when a dollar is involved every time someone loses a pound or if they have to give up that dollar when they gain one.

Money is always loved by everyone so why not make it a motivational tool for weight loss. Not only will people be driven to lose more weight, they’ll also be motivated enough not to gain it back and to maintain the loss.


Mayo Clinic studies show that when it comes to weight loss, systems based on incentives can be very successful. For over a year, researchers studied and followed those in different weight loss programs, two of which offered incentives through money and two of which that didn’t.

All of the participants had to lose four pounds every month and those in the programs, which offered incentives that the participants would receive twenty dollars every time they reach the goal and would give twenty dollars for those who failed to reach the goal.

Studies have shown that the weight loss programs with the financial incentives were more successful in losing weight compared to those with no incentives at all.

The participants in the incentive based weight loss programs lost an average weight of 9.08 lbs in a year while those with no incentive based weight lost programs only lost an average weight of 2.34 lbs. A whopping 62% had also completed the one-year weight loss programs while only 26% were completed for the other program.

Steven Driver, M.D and leader of the research had stated that through incentives, financial or otherwise, weight loss is possible and can be attained. It helps people become more compliant and helps them stick to the program as well.

Because of obesity getting more rampant in the US, scientists and researchers are trying to look for new and innovative ways to make losing weight much more effective.  While many researchers and fitness centres look for new ways to keep weight loss fun and interesting, some people just don’t find the drive or the motivation to lose weight.

Financial incentives, on the other hand, are always well received by the majority of the people. Weight loss programs work well if one receives money when they lose weight and if one has to give up money when they don’t.

Dr. Donald Hensrud, Mayo Clinic’s expert on preventive medicine had mentioned that old and traditional programs don’t work for many people, hence them looking for new ways to lose weight and keep the weight off. The results from the study had proved that there is in fact potential in using incentives for weight loss.


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