How Gaining Muscles Will Make You Lose Weight




You want to lose weight? Well, you need to gain muscles.

Did that statement confuse you? That’s normal. Not a lot of people are aware that muscles combat fat. This might not make sense to you but you’ll have a better understanding after reading this article.

Let’s face it, losing weight is not easy. Specially if you are the type of person who is comfortably lazy and love food. This is why the concept of building muscles is perfect because it will take away the “Losing weight is so hard.” mentality and instead replace it with “I’ll gain muscles to lose the fat.”

One thing that concerns people is that they do not want to get the bodybuilder look. If you are starting out, then it’s a long way to go from there. You don’t lift weights and a month later have toned muscles. It’s not as easy as that. So that should be one of the lesser worries.

Here’s the facts: If a person starts exercising to gain muscles, the body will then begin growing mitochondria.

What are mitochondria?

These are the cell’s power producer. The more of it, the more fat you burn. This should be the number one information you take away from this.

You can gain muscles AND lose fat at the same time! 

Before you start lifting weights, let us discuss the best way to go about this. First, to make the process of losing weight, you must be committed. If your mind and body is a 100% in it then any kind of diet or exercise will actually be effective. So get yourself really ready.

It’s never enough to just cut back on the food you intake. Though it is very important to choose the food you eat. Experts are constantly reminding people who want to lose weight that obsessing on the calories you take per day is not necessarily healthy. Instead, focus on having a balanced meal. Prioritizing food that will give you energy throughout the day. This is very important specially if you will be training.

Exercising is essential to losing weight.

A good cardio routine will help burn calories. Cardio and strength training should both be done to lose weight. For better results, some experts are suggesting that you do the two forms of exercise in different days. That way, you get to focus on giving your maximum efforts on each.

To gain muscles, you must get stronger. There are different exercises for strength training. Some very popular ones are working out using barbells. There’s also squats, lunges, deadlifts etc. And you’ve already learned from what was discussed earlier, the more muscles you build, the more fat you burn.

The important thing to remember is that you have to do it regularly to get the best results. For it to be a long term success, you have to make it your lifestyle. Overdoing it is not good too. Your body needs to rest and recover so that your muscles can rebuild and strengthen. If you don’t give yourself a good rest, then it’s likely that your performance will decrease.



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