Muscle Strength and Efficiency with Functional Strength Training

miles/freedigitalphotos.netGone are the days when people are focused on body building. It’s not all about the muscles now, though strengthening is still a major part of working out. These days, it’s all about functional training. The fitness world has introduced a new way of exercising and it’s possibly the best one yet.


What is Functional Training?

Functional training is a type of physical conditioning that does not focus on just building muscles; instead, you train for something that you specifically want to strengthen the most. In simpler terms, you train movements and not muscles. This kind of training is perfect for people who are afraid of gaining too much muscles, looking like a bodybuilder.

A person looking for a physical activity for the purpose of a healthier lifestyle will choose this route. The reason why it’s called functional is because you will train your body to perform better for the activities you do on your daily life. Don’t get it wrong though, it will still hit the muscles, it just won’t center on it. It will improve your core stability, balance and flexibility.

To get a better idea of what functional training is like, here are some examples of the exercise:

Lunges – There are different ways to do lunges. It depends on the level of intensity you want to do it. Its function is to tone your legs and backside. When done the proper way, it will also help in strengthening the back to promote better posture.

Squats – It’s one of the best exercise that work almost every single part of your body. It’s easy to do. First, you need to have your back flat, chest up and abs tight. For higher intensity, use weights or medicine ball while squatting.

Stair Climb – Sounds easy but never underestimate the benefits of stair climbing. It will tone your legs and backside. The best way to do this is with a light weight, bicep curls while climbing will work both arms and legs.

Torso Rotation – This exercise is perfect for strengthening obliques and tightening your waist. Do it with a medicine ball to improve your coordination.

Push up – This is particularly hard for people who has weak upper body but it is the best for chest, shoulder and arms strengthening. Starting out is always a challenge but once push ups is done regularly, then lowering your body down the floor and pushing yourself back up will be a piece of cake.

To intensify and work on your legs as well, do push ups with one leg lifted up in the air.

Hip Extension – One of the best exercise to do for strengthening the glutes and legs and promotes body coordination.

Like all kinds of workout, it is best to consult a professional before executing. Having a trainer would lessen the risk of getting injured since they will be able to teach you how to do these exercises the proper way. Always remember to hydrate with water whenever working out.

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