The Role of Genetics in Success or Failure of Aerobics

Have you been exercising for the longest time yet frustratingly  have not been getting the results you have been aspiring to, no matter how hard you try? It’s not your fault. The problem may be your genetics!


It has been found out through extensive research over the past few decades that DNA influences 60% of a person’s results from aerobic exercises. The other 20% can be attributed to other factors such as age, gender, baseline fitness and the remaining 20% still remains a mystery until now.

DNA Testing Kit from XRGenomics

A British company called XRGenomics has come out with a new fitness based genetic testing service that measures and analyzes 27 distinct DNA markers to predict an individual’s propensity to respond positively or negatively to aerobic exercises in particular.

By knowing your aerobic genetic potential you and your health and fitness trainer are able to design a perfectly suited exercise and diet program that will work to  fully maximize your genetic advantages and minimize as best as possible your disadvantages. Focus is spent on the lower 18% of the distribution considered to be “low responders” to aerobics exercises.

This DNA tests cost £199 or approximately $315 by sending them a saliva sample swabbed from inside your mouth that you mail back  for testing and analysis. XRGenomics however is not the first company to try to offer their genetic testing for fitness (other companies offer a similar service but for other genetic markers such as genetic potentials for speed, endurance or power or strength sports.

 DNA Testing Disadvantage (Or Advantage?)

Critics say the results of the test may only discourage those found to have negative genetic potential, as a justification to permanently quit exercising altogether, as the genetic tests says they will never progress anyway, so why bother? In response to this, the spokesperson for XRGenomics voiced out that its purpose is not to serve as an excuse but to better customize and maximize an individual’s genetic potential in achieving the results he wants!

For example, you may choose to include more resistance training, or vary their exercise schedules and which cocktails of supplements should be used to maximize whatever benefits indicated by the test, this people process.

However, Timothy Caulfield, in his book “The Cure For Everything”, downplayed these tests as having no predictive powers, as he was found to have genetic markers that said that he’s not likely to succeed in the sport of “Sprinting”. Timothy Caulfield, as it turns out, is a successful Sprinter at the University competitions level, and had he actually let it discourage him?  He would have pursued another sport that would not have given the same glory and achievements Sprinting has awarded him.

XRGenomics claims that their DNA test is much more predictive or accurate than the actual and obsolete DNA test Caulfield took, which therefore explains the inaccuracies in the results. It is also worth mentioning that anyone can barrel through his supposed genetic inferiority by working twice as hard as the other guy.

Do not forget there is still the remaining 20% still unaccounted for, so bottom line here is that no one needs to be limited or discouraged  by whatever results these DNA tests tell you.

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