To Lose Weight Properly, All You Have To Do Is Relax

Many people think that losing weight is supposed to make one feel all stressed out and anxious, this feeling is very common and perhaps everyone has felt that way at one time or another. The problem though is that it is actually the stress that keeps people from getting to their goals and losing weight. They get so stressed about the idea of dieting and exercising that they overall feel that losing weight isn’t really worth it, which shouldn’t be the case.

The main problem is that people associate weight loss with dieting, but these two don’t necessarily mean the same, people think that:

  1. Losing weight means depriving yourself of food
  2. Losing weight is painful
  3. The faster you lose weight, the better it is

When you ask people what they think of the process of losing weight, they often say it’s about starving yourself, being jealous at friends and family who can eat and drink to their heart’s content and missing out on all the fun. In short, most people think that the road to weight loss is a long and miserable one.



There’s also the stigma that weight loss has to happen fast, people have a too unrealistic goal and expectation set up and when this doesn’t happen (because it’s too far fetched) they lose hope, interest and get angry and stressed.

The secret to a successful weightloss is something people don’t really expect, and that is to Relax.

Though relaxing may mean different things, but what it really means is:

1. Don’t set up a deadline.

Don’t be in such a hurry to lose weight and don’t pull out drastic measures just to lose weight fast, not only is this very unhealthy but it’s much easier for the weight to come back. Don’t set a specific date, yes it can happen, but in most cases it can’t and it won’t

Take the pressure of yourself by thinking long-term. Don’t set up dates after two months, that’s unrealistic and will only stress you out. In a year, one won’t remember that it took them 6 months to lose that belly, just the fact that they did. So get rid of those deadlines and breathe.

2. Enjoy the Process and live while you’re at it.

Missing out on all the fun isn’t the ideal way to lose weight, as what most people think. People often stop all the fun stuff when they try to lose weight but this is what they’re doing wrong. It’s unrealistic and will only make people resent the process of weight loss. People like doing fun things and if they take the fun out of losing weight, then no one will ever want to do it and get it over and done with, even without seeing results. People want to like losing weight, so make it a fun experience, live a little and have fun with it.

3. Long –term planning is key.

Most people think weight loss is like a project on a time constraint, but weight maintenance is and should be for life.  So whatever one is doing to lose weight and whatever one is eating or not eating, they should make sure that they can keep up with that for the rest of their life.

A Stress-free zone

Life is already stressful so why add more of it by worrying about losing weight, what people should be stressed about is if they’re not doing anything to be or keep healthy. Those three best strategies listed above are the keys to losing weight properly and stress free.

One should remember that if losing weight feels miserable, then what they’re doing is wrong.


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