Avoid These Muscle Building Mistakes

photostock/freedigitalphotos.netWhether you are new to the gym community or you have already been doing this for several months, you might not be aware that some workout practices can actually prevent you from getting the physique that you’ve always dreamed of. Stop asking yourself where you have gone wrong. Know the top muscle building mistakes so that you don’t risk yourself from committing them.

Mistake No. 1 Not Following an Exercise Programme

Exercise programmes are created for a reason and that is to provide you with a precise method on how you can achieve good results while working out. Programmes are designed based on proven principles and studies and not just something derived out of thin air. Make your gym time count by performing work out routines that will definitely help you build muscles instead of doing things on your own, just because you think that they can be effective.

Mistake No. 2 Isolating instead of Compounding

One of the main muscle building mistakes that a lot of people are actually guilty of doing is performing isolation exercises. This kind of work out is actually ineffective as you can’t expect to build muscles by focusing on one area alone. The better solution would be to perform compound exercises which target several parts of your extremities.

Compound exercises can provide you with a well-balanced physique. In addition, compound exercises burn more fats and calories since you will be training different muscle areas instead of just one.

Mistake No. 3 Bingeing on Junk Food

You may be spending countless hours on the gym while performing a very effective exercise program, but all of these will go to waste if you continue with your unhealthy eating habits. Make sure that you support your muscle building goals with a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Your body should also be well-nourished for it to recover when you work-out. You won’t be able to get the same nutritional value from your food if you continue to binge on a Big Mac. Keep in mind that a good exercise program and a well-balanced diet should come hand in hand if you want to achieve total fitness

Mistake No. 4 Exercising without Form

In order for your work out regimen to be effective in muscle building, you need to do it accurately. For example, squats are considered as one of the best muscle building exercises, but this is still ineffective if you can’t perform it the right way. Instead of maximizing your repetitions, focus first on deep squats while transitioning so you can build power and size. Once you’ve mastered the correct form, it will be easier for you to do more repetitions and achieve positive results.

You should be able to master the right form of your body so that you can target the right areas. In addition, when you don’t have the right form, you lose your control while lifting weights, performing squats and other muscle building activities. This can also lead to injury and muscle strains.

Muscle building mistakes can be easily avoided as much as they can be easily committed. Read through health magazines and even ask a fitness expert prior to starting out with your gym routine. The extra effort that you take in familiarizing yourself with the right methods in muscle building will be worth it in the end.

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