I am a woman – why do I need to build muscles?

The notion of building muscles has gained a low reputation among women, and “toning up” with a pair of low-impact weights has taken over as the reasonable option. As many women believe that a masculine appearance is likely to be the result of a heavier workout, such a preference seems like the safest option. However, not only is the reality a little more complicated, but you are going to need more than the two-pound dumbbells to properly “tone up”.


Picking Up The Heavy Weights

Don’t be mistaken—a light pair of weights can still be beneficial; but it is when women step up to the challenge of heavier dumbbells that the real improvements begin to happen (and these benefits will continually improve as you challenge yourself further). Furthermore, improvements to your muscles will also enhance your body’s ability to burn calories when you are not exercising. Sure, muscle weighs more than fat, but it also looks better, creates a better fitting wardrobe and will allow you to get more done as everyday tasks become easier.

I Still Want To Look Attractive

It is important to rest easy about the risk of becoming unattractive, or losing your femininity. This is an issue for both men and women, as building too much muscle is actually a very difficult thing to do for both sexes and is the reason why bodybuilding supplements are making so much money. It is not impossible for women to build large muscles, but the weights involved are much heavier and they need to be part of a strict routine to be of any use. Plus, the only women who will build these kinds of muscles are determined individuals who have their sights set on achieving such a goal—it will not happen by accident.

The Benefits

In addition to the benefits that I have already mentioned, if you are willing to step up your level of physical activity and work with heavier weights then there are health improvements that lay ahead. Firstly, your weight will be easier to control and you are more likely to be satisfied as your metabolic rate increases. Your bones will also become stronger, decreasing the risk of osteoporosis, as our dynamic bone tissue accommodates an increase in the amount of muscle that it needs to support. Last, and certainly not least, strengthened muscles will not only help you as you go about your day, but will also mean that defending yourself will be easier in the event that you need protection—better muscles improves your safety.

The only way that you will understand the benefits of a more intensive workout is to try it for yourself. That is, gradually increasing the level of weights that you use will be the only way that you will be able to observe and experience the benefits that have been outlined above. It really is a “win-win” situation, as your looks improve while life becomes easier. Building muscles is not just for men, nor is it only if you want to look buff. You need to build your muscles for many health reasons, and there is no better time to start than now!




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