How Massage Therapy Can Be Beneficial to Any Weight Loss Program 1

Studies have revealed that when massage therapy is done regularly, it can be an enhancing facet to any weight loss regime aiding you to achieve even better results even though many people think of massage therapy as a pampering activity reserved for the well-off.


How it Works

It is important to note that massage therapy only adds value to any weight loss regime when it is done alongside a rigorous exercise routine and dieting.  Lipid bursting and warm body massages can ease the weight loss process by relaxing the cramped muscles in the body increasing your flexibility; since increased flexibility helps you to exercise better and for a much longer time period increasing your metabolic rate and as a result helps to hasten the digestion process.

Body massages also helps to improve blood circulation in the body which in turn facilitates the faster assimilation of digested food into the body. Indirectly, this helps to quicken the healing process of the body tissues that may have been damaged during workouts; also aiding in the removal of scar tissues that may have been formed where there was muscle damage.

Massage therapy has also been known to be a stress reliever by reducing the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, in the digestive tract which has been known to slow down the rate at which fat is metabolized in the intestines.

Motivates and Rejuvenates

A great body massage, will beyond doubt, leave you feeling relaxed, energized, beautified, and rejuvenated since at times body aches and pains can make us irritable and moody. It is a good motivational booster because after the body massage you will feel upbeat, optimistic, and ready for all the activities you have lined up afterwards including your exercise routine.

By itself, body massage therapy will not work the miracle of getting you into your little black size 8 dress, but coupled with other weight loss regimes, it will certainly help you get back into shape. Some of us are concerned about how much we should or should not eat, not to mention how much time we should spend working out to shed off that extra weight; massage therapy may be the glue that helps all those regimes work helping you to achieve your goals.

Reduces Post-Workout Aches and Pains

Most of us will bear witness to the fact that they have had to endure painful muscle cramps or general body aches and pain after exercising when we happen to forget to do a couple of stretches after working out. Instead of taking over-the-counter pain medication or using ice-packs, massage therapy helps in soothing these muscle strains, where by the therapist will give special treatment to the areas giving you discomfort.

The carbonic and lactic acids produced by the body during exercise are the main culprits of post work-out pain and when you have a massage, the rate of blood circulation is increased allowing these acids to quickly leave your system thereby reducing the time you would take to recover from a rigorous work out.

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