How To Prepare High Protein Meals In Minutes?


Preparing high protein meals in minutes is simple and they have a lot of health benefits too. High protein diets are very useful for body building and weight loss. They are said to be most effective in reducing body fat. Food groups that contain high proteins include: fish, chicken, eggs, milk, many fruits and vegetables.

Here are my favorite recipes to prepare high protein meals in minutes.

Breakfast Recipes

  • Curried Tofu scramble with Spinach: Sauté small amounts of garlic and onion in olive oil and add scrambled tofu to it along with diced tomatoes. Add turmeric, pepper, salt and curry powder. Let it cook for five minutes then add spinach to it and cook for another minute. You are done. Per serving of this has 236 calories with 96 of them from fat. Total fat in grams is 10.6 while amount of protein in grams is 21.
  • Protein shake: Blend two tablespoon of protein powder with any fruit of your choice, a cup of skimmed milk and half cup chilled water. This drink has a total of 541 calories and 52% of them are from proteins. Protein shakes are vital for you if you do strength training to build muscles. It gives energy as well as sufficient proteins.
  • Granola wrap with peanut butter: This is good for those who prefer being vegetarians. All you need is a whole grain flour tortilla, peanut butter jam, granola, honey and sliced bananas. Spread the jam on tortilla and top it with fruit slices. Pour honey and wrap. It is a simple recipe to make a high protein meal in minutes. It has 475 calories.

High Protein main course or Dinner Recipes

  • Toast, bacon and eggs: Scramble two whole eggs with four whites. Toast one slice of brown bread and spread any jam of your choice over it. Bake or fry bacon in a small amount of olive oil. Your mini meal is ready. This has 498 calories and 52% are from proteins.
  • Sautéed shrimp and chicken with fajita seasoning:  Marinate the meat in fajita seasoning for about twenty minutes.  Then sauté it in olive oil until it is almost cooked. Add bell peppers and sliced onions to it. Serve it with brown rice. This meal has 53% calories from proteins.
  • Bean pasta with spinach sauce: Cook onion, garlic and pepper in preheated oil for five minutes. Add oregano, chickpeas, tomatoes, beans and mushrooms. Season with salt and pepper and cook for another twenty minutes. Now add boiled pasta to it and mix well. Dish it out. For preparing the sauce, heat margarine over medium heat and add flour to it. Now, add soy milk to the mixture gradually. Cook for three minutes and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Pour this sauce over your pasta and you are done. One serving has 0 mg cholesterol, 17 g protein and 9.5 g fat.
  • Egg and Beans salad: Combine beans, celery, olives, onions, peas, seasoning and salad dressing. Mix well and let it stay for two hours. Drain the dressing and add sliced boiled eggs to it. Mix well and serve. This is very healthy with 18 g of protein. This high protein meal can be prepared in minutes.

I hope now you have got good understanding on how to prepare high protein meals in a quick time.

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