60 Days To A Bigger Chest


A well developed masculine chest not only defines your physique but is essential for core strength. Chest muscle, also called pectoral, is a large muscle which adjoins collarbone, ribs and breast bone.

Your pectoral being large muscles are less prone to fatigue than smaller muscles and hence can be trained using higher number of repetitions. In this article, I shall endeavor to list down workouts that would help you develop solid chest muscles! This would be your guide to a bigger chest in 60 days.

But before you get down to actually pumping iron to develop your “pecs”, it’s essential that you have some knowledge about the physiology of the pectoral muscles. Like mentioned before, chest muscle is a large interconnecting muscle, but most seasoned body builders and trainers divide it into three parts which are:

1)      Upper Chest

2)      Middle Chest

3)      Lower Chest

In order to develop well defined and shapely pectorals, you need to train all the three parts. This can be achieved by varying exercises and angles, which I shall jot down for you here! At the end of this workout cycle, you shall have a bigger chest in 60 days.

arnold-chest2Warm up

If you have been working out for some time you would know the importance of warming up your muscles before actually going for your workout regime. Pushups are time honored and the best warm up exercise you can do for pectorals. Three set comprising of 10 repetitions done on the floor or on a pushup stand will definitely get your chest muscles pumped and warmed up for the heavy workout!


Arnold-benchBench Press 

Bench press is the perfect muscle packing exercise that utilizes a large number of muscle fibers and is considered the standard test of upper body strength. No other exercise gets the hypothalamus excreting growth hormones like a few sets of bench press.

Thing to bear in mind is to always use a barbell (if you prefer free weights) which you can control without any jerking motion. If it means lowering the poundage, do it! Do more reps with low weight. Remember, good form while working out is everything! For beginners, I recommend three sets of 8 to 12 repetitions of bench press.

Arnold-inclined-benchInclined Bench Press

Inclined bench press done on a slightly vertical lifted bench is the ideal exercise for defining the upper chest muscles. Since this exercise comprises of lifting the barbell from a slightly elevated position, I recommend using a light barbell until you perfect the form and get it right.

Lower the barbell to upper part of the pecs, repeat three sets of eight reps and move on to the next exercise.


arnold-dumbbell-flyesDumbbell Fly 

Last but not the least in our 60 days bigger chest workout is the dumbbell fly. Lay down on the bench, holding a pair of dumbbells (palms facing forward) with your arms straight. Keeping the same grip, slowly lower arch like movement until your arms are at level with your chest. Envision hugging a tree trunk! That’s the movement you have to imitate successfully to perform dumbbell fly. Do three sets of twelve reps!

The above three exercises are the best muscle building workouts for the pectorals. Of course, working out alone isn’t going to get you that shredded chest you see on bodybuilders. You’d have to maintain a protein enriched diet to supply the worked muscles fiber! This would make them grow large and strong.

Lastly, your muscles need sufficient time to recuperate after a strenuous workout. Make sure there’s plenty of time in between your workouts so your muscles can recover. Follow these steps and you will surely have a bigger chest in 60 days.


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